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These are challenging times to be living in – personally and collectively. People are increasingly trying to make sense of their lives in a world which feels more uncertain, less stable, and increasingly confusing every day. Because of this, I believe that it is necessary to look inward, to explore your true nature, and clarify ways of living which will bring peace and happiness to yourself and others.

I am a psychologist who supports people in psycho-spiritual processes.  Simply, I believe that in order for authentic well-being to take place – both individually and collectively – people must open to their true spiritual nature. They must also realize that when they do this, unresolved psycho-emotional parts of the self will come forth to be transformed and healed.


In addition to teaching courses in spiritual psychology and human development at Columbia University for the last twenty years, I travel the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to support and to assist committed seekers. Often, I integrate “Holotropic Breathwork” into this work, because it is a very powerful method for personal evolution. 

My most recent book, “Healing the Western Soul” (2015), was written to help readers more fully understand their own spiritual roots and identity. Without such authentic grounding, alienation and confusion grows, not only in the West, but around the world. 

The 21st century is a formidable and amazing time to be alive. Challenges abound. It’s a time to fully “show up.” Thank you for visiting my website. 

Dr. Miller can be contacted at:
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